Quality assurance

Quality and process reliability: state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive control for your highest demands

Test and measurement methods

We use a variety of advanced testing and measuring methods to ensure the quality and precision of the turned and milled parts. We use both mechanical and optical measuring methods to ensure that all dimensions and tolerances are precisely adhered to.

Our material analyses guarantee compliance with the required material properties. In addition, we carry out fully automated and manual 100% inspections to ensure the highest quality of your products. Our quality management is supported by specialised QMS software and the use of SPC on every machine to continuously deliver high-quality results. Rely on our comprehensive testing and measuring methods for first-class products.

Mechanical measuring
Optical measuring
Material analysis
Automated 100% control
Manual 100% final inspection
Specific software


With modern measurement technology

We use state-of-the-art measuring technologies to ensure the highest precision and quality. This includes optical, laser, and fully automated measurement processes. These methods enable us to precisely record complex geometries and guarantee consistent quality control.

100% control in series

The Vester VIDEOcheck VVC is used for high-precision inspection and sorting of series parts in industrial production. The system enables 100% inspection by measuring up to 50 dimensions per part and recognising defects in real time. With a measurement accuracy of up to 0.001 mm and a capacity of up to 3,000 parts per hour, the Vester VIDEOcheck VVC offers comprehensive quality control and ensures that all critical dimensions and tolerances are precisely monitored. Ideal for turned and milled metal parts, the system ensures maximum precision and efficiency in production.

Parts per hour
per part

Quality control

We use computerised quality control (SPC) on every machine. This method enables us to continuously monitor and optimise production processes to ensure the highest precision and quality of our products.

QMS software

We use company-specific QMS software that is customised to our processes. This software supports us in the efficient management and monitoring of our quality management systems.

Quality assurance

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