Your contact for the efficient production of turn parts in Hövelhof, Germany , with worldwide delivery.


To improve up the progress of your project, you will usually receive quotations from us within one day. Thanks to our optimised processes, we assure fast on time production of your orders. You can rely on our experience and expertise to realise your projects smoothly.


We are specialists in high-precision manufacturing of turn parts for various industries. Our services comprises a wide range of machinable materials, both small and large series. With the ability to produce several million parts annually, we are the trusted choice for complex and demanding orders.


Our quality assurance fully complies with the standards of the automotive sector, based on VDA 6.1/ISO 9001. With each order, we conduct comprehensive measurement reports accompanied by SPC analyses to guarantee high accuracy and dependability. Additional to that delivery dates are fixed deadlines and we will do everything to meet them.

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As a customer, you benefit from clear advantages thanks to our production in Germany. Despite the competition from suppliers from the Far East, our „Made in Germany“ stands for speed and precision. We use state-of-the-art technology, are flexible and offer competitive prices. This enables us to compete successfully with competitors from Germany and abroad. For you, this means high-quality products that are manufactured quickly and precisely at a fair price.

We gladly provide you with an insight into our organization.

Industrie­straße 32
33161 Hövelhof


Our experienced team

Our company is characterized by a team of highly qualified and experienced employees, of whom we are particularly proud. Their expertise is the base of our work. Our extremely efficient personnel structure, which requires only a few employees, is the result of a  fully computerized production. This enables us to use our resources optimal while guaranteeing the highest quality.

A special feature is our pronounced affinity for technology. By developing our own solutions and making continuous improvements, we ensure our competitiveness and continue to maintain high standards for our production.



As a DIN ISO 9001-certified company, we guarantee the highest quality standards and constant process reliability. You can rely on our expertise and quality management for first-class products and services.

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